On Apparel & Customer Service

In this series of blog entries leading up to our launch, I wanted to take a moment to discuss our selection of apparel and, as a related topic, customer service.

After reviewing several vendors, I’ve chosen Thread Logic, Inc. While their online ordering systems aren’t as self-service or customizable as CustomInk and others, they’re one of the only vendors who offer a “Tall” option. Self-service systems notwithstanding, I’ve been really happy with their customer service.

In today’s world, automated systems make it easy to forget how important vendor relationships and great customer service are. To that end, I have to admit, I’m a bit “old school”: well-working systems are a must, but they’ll never replace a relationship with those we work with.

Author: Jonah Harris

A long-time developer, DBA, and consultant, Jonah specializes in data structures, algorithms, database internals, and software optimization. He blogs on various topics and has presented at many industry conferences. He has committed code to a number of database engines and, as a member of the OakTable Network, he researches Oracle Database internals for fun. He hates referring to himself in the third-person. Oh, and he's also the founder of NEXTGRES :)

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