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Peter Steinheuser.

Principal Consultant

Profile of Peter Steinheuser

In addition to the well-timed Dilbert references and comic relief offered to us by his all-too-accurate “Steinheuserisms,” Peter is an outstanding DBA. Loved by every client, Peter’s relaxed approach and go-with-the-flow attitude is balanced with just the right amount of desire to get stuff done.

A long-time certified Oracle DBA and independent consultant, Peter has, in the last decade, drunk the open-source Kool-Aid (or light beer, as the case may be.) In addition to consulting, Peter has worked as a full-time Senior Postgres DBA with several companies, including MeetMe and EnterpriseDB.

Aside from his work as a DBA, Peter has excelled at performing training classes for companies large and small, as well as worked in pre and post-sales engineering roles.

Over the years, Peter has had a couple of articles published in Oracle Professional magazine, and is one of the few DBAs to hold patents from a prior career in pharmaceutical research.

Peter enjoys working with developers and clients to design and implement solutions, and can be found in Myrtle Beach one week a year playing golf.

What People Say About Peter

Pete brings the perfect blend of critical thinking, creativity, and data/database experience to provide a solutions-­based approach to business problems. Pete has the unique ability to see the big picture, to consider and understand the technical and business challenges together to arrive at a timely solution. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Pete again in the future.
John Ackerman, Oracle DBA and Consultant

Peter Steinheuser

Principal Consultant

Backups are like parachutes. If they don’t work the first time, odds are, you won’t be needing them a second.


Sr. DBA @ MeetMe, Inc.
Sr. DBA @ EnterpriseDB, Inc.


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