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Tami Sauerman.

Executive Assistant

Profile of Tami Sauerman

Tami’s family claims she hugs and talks to trees. If it’s true, she may be on to something, as her yard is green, lush, and thriving. Hell, if she could find a way to get all of her work done out there, she would prefer to be enjoying nature by hiking and exploring 24/7.

Tami’s interests are varied and eclectic, which she attributes to her mother, including bird identification and target practice–though not at the same time. Another example is her antique, metal teapots, which she started collecting by accident–one just happened to catch her eye at an antique store she frequents. Since then, that number has ballooned to sixteen and ranges from basic and rudimentary designs, to elegant and ornamental. If you ask her, however, she will tell you she doesn’t really collect them.

Tami’s Canon DSLR is never far away and has been instrumental in her winnings of several photography contests and having been published three times. All of the framed images in her home are, in fact, her work, which she simply refers to as cheap art.

While life had different plans for her, Tami’s dream career out of high school was to become a prosecuting attorney. Regardless, as her three grown children would confirm, Tami does, indeed, have an innate ability to debate and cross examine, which she happily passed on, along with her love of the written and spoken word, to them all.

What People Say About Tami

Great service. Second to none!
Nathan Cannon
Tami has a sincere love of animals, big & small, and she takes time to know them as individuals. She approaches her work as a professional and is very knowledgeable and conscientious.
Erin O.

Tami Sauerman

Executive Assistant

I did the best I could at the time. When I knew better, I did better.


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