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Oracle Database.

Goodbye, Oracle. Hello, Postgres.

Switch from Oracle to Postgres without changing a single line of code.

Your application was designed for Oracle Database, but NEXTGRES lets you run it on PostgreSQL with ease.


While PostgreSQL supports most of the abstract functionality required by applications designed for Oracle Database, differences in the client software, SQL dialect, and procedural languages often make switching databases a difficulty. Although a subset of these issues can be reduced using migration tools developed by third-party consultants and public cloud providers, they often require counterintuitive workarounds as well as changes to code and data types, which affect the overall behavior of your application. The substantial amount of hand-holding, tweaking, and testing involved in such a project is why switching databases is considered expensive and time-consuming. This is why NEXTGRES was created.


Oracle SQL Dialect

A large subset of the DDL and DML dialect employed by Oracle Database is supported. If an equivalent operation or option exists in Postgres, it is passed-through. Otherwise, it is dropped.

Native PL/SQL Support

Unlike migration tools, which essentially translate syntax from Oracle to Postgres, NEXTGRES-based PostgreSQL has well-known Oracle Database functionality built-in.

Contrary to PostgreSQL, NEXTGRES supports native PL/SQL – this means there is zero migration from PL/SQL to PL/pgSQL; your packages, functions, procedures all move directly over. Similarly, as PL/SQL supports array-based operations, such as BULK COLLECT, you don’t lose performance switching with NEXTGRES.

SQL*Net Compatible

Similar to the Oracle Listener, NEXTGRES Gateway is a proxy which speaks the same wire-level network protocol as the Oracle Database. This enables applications designed to work with Oracle Database, including those without source code, to transparently interoperate with Postgres. Likewise, this enables developers and DBAs to use many of the same tools and utilities they’re accustomed to, such as SQL*Plus, TOAD, etc.

Additional Compatibility Components

  • OCI-Compatible Client Library Driver for ODBC – A drop-in replacement for the Oracle Call Interface library, often referred to as libclntsh.

Pilot Customer Program

We’re currently piloting our product to a select number of customers. To be considered for the program, please send us an email.

Free Version

We will soon be releasing a downloadable version of the product free for personal use. Stay tuned!

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